• Toyota 2JZ-GE via Proteus rusEFI

    rusEFI, Proteus, Toyota 2JZ

  • NGINX: Out-of-the-Box Automatic Cached Image Galleries

    Though Google tries hard to stop my use of the Pixel XL, I continue to take high quality photos and video and they continue to hold up their end of the agreement to host them all as captured [… forever]. While Google Photos is great in that regard (a digital media dump), the tracking and stalking that goes along with sharing and uploading isn’t so nice.

  • PinePhone Dock Device in the Nude

    The USB-C “convergence device,” as Pine64 markets that shipped with community editions of the PinePhone, and is available for separate purchase, is a nice idea1. However, in my practice, it leaves something to be desired.

  • The Tree That Keeps on Giving

    a.k.a. Building Mobian Images for PinePhone

  • (Right to) Audio Electronics Repair

    Music. Micro USB. Gravity. Combined, these three yield a small time-bomb: a working bluetooth speaker with partial charge and a rather broken USB port. Impending doom.

  • Fermentation: Part Two

    It’s not gone to my head, but it sure seems easy (fermenting vegetables). It also seems like a good way to buy some time after harvest, and a great way to help preserve the goods.

  • Cherripotle Fermented Hot Sauce

  • Swap space

    Small admission: I kind of have a thing for automobiles. Especially so if they hail from Japan, made the Toyota way. You know, all lean and mean like. Maybe a photo will help paint the scene…

  • running Jekyll v4

    You’ll find this post boring and not read its entirety, but is now live via Jekyll v4.0.0!

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