It’s not gone to my head, but it sure seems easy (fermenting vegetables). It also seems like a good way to buy some time after harvest, and a great way to help preserve the goods.

The goods in this case: Indigo Ruby tomatoes1. These tomatoes produce anthocyanins where exposed to the sun, which turns their skin (and flesh?) purpley; the same compound as blueberries. This is not typical of a tomato, I am to understand, with the related Indigo Rose variety being the first developed with this presentation in 20122.

This time is simple: whole fresh tomatoes, chopped fresh basil, crushed fresh garlic.

I changed the brine a bit for kicks: 3/2 tsp kosher salt dissolved per 2 cups filtered water. I used almost 6 cups filling this 3 liter jar.

  1.; Garden Journal, has photos of the variety: 22 July 2017 Indigo Ruby Tomato 

  2. OSU/Oregon State Extension discusses the history of the related Purple tomato debuts as ‘Indigo Rose’